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Kärcher's product test campaign for the new Mobile Outdoor Cleaner is out of the starting blocks. With your help, we will be able to refine and improve our low-pressure washer and design a new accessory kit.


End of the campaign

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

Many thanks for an exciting first trip with our new Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner. Together we have shared many experiences, achieved a lot and had a great deal of fun.

Who are we? 350 testers and over 7000 observers and commentators from all over the world!

Altogether we had over 100 tested use cases. Among others the community cleaned bikes, surfboards, paws and even muddy youngsters. Thereby we learned a lot about ourselves and the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner.

What’s next:

Our team at Kärcher will take another dive into all of your ideas and feedback and check their potential for implementation. The top voted accessory ideas for example, will next be developed into concepts. So your input is directly going into our product development processes! Keep an eye out for new accessories and product updates of the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner – maybe some will immediately sound familiar.

A very warm thank you for your dedication – it has been a pleasure! So it's "Goodbye" from the KärcherToGo team - for now.

Posted 15.05.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler


Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

the voting for the top accessories has come to an end! We are proud to present your top three:

1. Place: Car Adapter​

2. Place: Adjustable nozzle

3. Place: Water tank​

Many thanks for sharing your opinion with us again in the last phase of our campaign. We have now almost reached the end – how time flies! The happy recipients of the incentives of phase three will be notified shortly via mail.

We will now take stock internally and get back to you soon with the best of.

Posted 11.05.2017 by Amelie Hübner

Start of the vote on accessories

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

The Kärcher To Go team has read and discussed at length all suggestions for accessories for the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner. Now we go to the vote:

Which additional accessories are particularly relevant and useful?

You can go directly to the vote here – let us know which are your favourites!

Posted 04.05.2017 by Amelie Hübner

Labourday in the Kärcher Community

Dear Friends of the Outdoors and Tech Fans,

The Tag der Arbeit, Labour Day, Праздник Весны и Труда, Fête du Travail means a long weekend for most of our #kärchertogo testers.

What are you planning?

As inspiration for everyone who is going on a trip or using the day to complete jobs that need to be done, we will share a few photos from recent weeks here:

Posted 28.04.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Start of the internal evaluation II

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

Many thanks for your creative ideas on the topic of "Accessories for the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner". Our Kärcher To Go team will now evaluate your suggestions internally.

From 3rd May, you will be able to vote for the best accessory ideas in our community.

Until then, we hope you have a great time!

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 28.04.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Made it: From tester to owner

Within the shortest time we achieved our common goal of 2.000 views of the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner Clip on YouTube. This means:

All product testers get to keep the device!

A big thank you to all those who supported our community in reaching the common goal.

And now back to the accessory ideas: especially for our proud new owners of the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, the development of useful accessories is now particularly exciting.

If you have not already done so, click here to check out our little outdoor hero in action.

Posted 25.04.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Start of the accessory ideas

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

What accessories would you like for the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner?

By testing the mobile low-pressure cleaner or spending time commenting in the community, you have become product experts. Your opinion is therefore especially important to us and we are looking forward to hearing your ideas for the future accessory box. Which brushes and which nozzles would you need to achieve optimum results from the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner? What equipment did you always have with you anyway that would fit perfectly in an accessory box?

There is only one thing to bear in mind – the accessory box should be compatible with our top application cases.

Another important Update: we came up with some special incentives for phase three.

  1. The five most active platform users who have not yet received a test device will receive a Mobile Outdoor Cleaner at the end of the final phase.
  2. All product testers get to keep the device if the following Kärcher advertisement on YouTube makes more than XY views. Click here to take a look at the clip!

We are counting on your creativity as always and are looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Kind regards,

Your KärcherToGo team

Posted 18.04.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

End of voting: "Use case winners" & happy Easter

Dear KärcherToGo Community,

Yeah! The top use cases have been chosen! The top application cases for the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, as chosen by you, are:

1) Bikes

2) Garden

3) Shoes

For everyone now starting their well-earned holidays, we wish you a happy Easter! We will be back on 18th April with a new and exciting phase.

Kind regards,

Your KärcherToGo team

Posted 13.04.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Start of the vote for application

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

The time has come: Your application cases are ready for votes in the community! From >690 suggestions, >1630 comments and >1050 likes regarding your stories and photos of the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, our KärcherToGo team has now compiled the most interesting application cases.

Which application has what it takes to be the very best application case?

Some of our criteria for a good application case:

  • Relevance: Is the application of interest to many people?
  • Suitability: How well does the application case suit the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner?
  • Frequency: How often is the application case required?

What do you think? We look forward to your vote!

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 04.04.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler


Dear Kärcher To Go community

Once again thank you all for the exciting testing so far. Thank you for your extremely active participation, the intensive tests and reports!

The selection definitely wasn’t easy – take a look at the summary of our top posts below. With so many great reports we just could not restrict the incentives to the top 10 and have decided to award 6 further top reports. The accessory boxes will be sent out shortly! Apart from quality and content community feedback was of course a key factor taken into account. The happy recipients of the incentives will probably already recognize their contributions and will be notified shortly via mail.

Even if you do not receive an incentive be sure to know that your feedback is taken seriously at Kärcher and will be taken into account for the further development of the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner. And don’t forget: this was not your last opportunity to receive great incentives. The next phase on Kärcher To Go already starts tomorrow – we continue with the voting of the top use cases and are counting on your participation!

We’re looking forward to an exciting head to head race!

Best regards

Your Kärcher To Go Team


First use cases

Top reports

  • Mud vs. Bike - with a "clean" result 

  • Alltäglicher Einsatz

  • First try with the Mobile Cleaner 

  • Тест мойки в суровых условиях. Много грязи и подсохшая глина на велосипеде. 

  • Первая мойка велосипеда ;) 

  • Портативная мойка Kärcher - мечта велосипедиста в мегаполисе 

  • Прощаемся с зимой и встречаем весну!

  • Ausführlicher Bericht Unboxing und erste Anwendung

  • Reinigung Gartengeräte Metall

  • First impressions

  • First use for bike cleaning 

  • Arrosage de plantes sur balcon ... et plus .. en attendant vidéo de 2 utilisations surprises!

  • My Daughters Garden "Wendy House" & Pram Wheels

  • First Ride of Spring and Removing the Winter Grime from my Urban Bike

  • Unboxing

  • Сразу за дело!


Top Videos


Use cases outside the box

Top images

Posted 03.04.2017 by Amelie Hübner

Start of the internal evaluation I

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

We wanted to hear your creative and crazy application possibilities for the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner in the "Use cases outside the box" phase. And we were not disappointed!

Here you can take a look at the many ideas.

What happens next?

We will evaluate your application cases and examine them internally. From 3rd April, you will be able to vote for the best application case in the #KaercherToGo Community.

Until then, we hope you have a great time!

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 30.03.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Start of "Use cases outside the box"

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

The adventurous, technophile testers of the #KaercherToGo Community have been travelling all over Europe with the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner and have presented us with their best application cases. Many thanks for your dedication.

For the next phase, we have a special challenge for you:

We are on the lookout for brand new and creative fields of application. Head off the beaten track with us, venture into new terrain and use your imagination: Clean a cross on the summit of a mountain, the soles of an alpaca's feet, water your rooftop terrace or...

What is your most creative application case for the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner?

Our team is also taking part: We are sending Bettina on tour with a bike and the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner to explore new application cases – you will then be able to read about her experiences in the #KaercherToGo Community. Let's find out together what the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner can do.

And now: Off into the great outdoors to have fun with the next round of our spring clean! We are looking forward to seeing your photos, videos and stories in the "Use cases outside the box" phase.

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 23.03.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

How can participants from five different countries discuss issues together?

The international #KaercherToGo Community has members speaking in four different languages within one community about the new Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner. For this to run smoothly, the platform is available in five different versions. Each suggestion submitted by a participant is translated simultaneously into all other languages by an automatic translation function and is displayed immediately.

As the translation is generated automatically, it may of course be the case that the translation is not always 100% accurate. However, everyone can contribute towards optimising the translations – the whole community can look out for typing errors. You can of course still display the original contribution or modify the translations of your contributions at a later date, should you become proficient in one of the other languages.

What we would like you to do:

To display the original contributions:

  1. Click on "Translated from..." directly below the contribution
  2. To return to the translation, click on "Display translation" below the original text. 

To view the translations:

  1. Click on your language at the very top left, next to the world symbol
  2. Select a language from the menu
  3. The platform, including all user contributions, is now displayed in the selected language

To edit the translations of your contributions:

  1. Display the corresponding version of your contribution, as described above
  2. Click on the "Actions" field next to your suggestion (in the respective language)
  3. Now select the "Change" option
  4. Edit your text
  5. Click on "Save" at the top right

You can find more information in the FAQs and for other technical questions, you can contact us at: info_producttesting@de.kaercher.com

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 20.03.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Spring cleaning in the "Kärcher community" – what do you use the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner to clean?

Dear #KärcherToGo Community,

almost all packages have arrived, the first families and outdoor enthusiasts have shared their first impressions with us. Many thanks – we are fascinated by your creative contributions.

Of course, our testing doesn't just concern the packaging and appearance, it also deals with the functions of the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner. And, although the winter has not yet said its goodbyes everywhere, together with our hard-working testers, we are starting the big clean-up a bit early: Spring-cleaning in the Kärcher community – what do you clean with the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner?

Try out the device:

What works well and what did you find challenging?

What do you clean with it and for what problem is the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner the ideal solution?

Take a look here at our tips and tricks for great photos and reports before you start.

If you have not received a test device from us, but have become curious about the product, we still value impressions and comments from all observers who can sit back and relax while our testers do the dirty work.

We hope that the Mobile Cleaner makes your work a little easier and makes it more fun for you to walk the dog, go hiking or go cycling.

So grab your camera, set the scene and reveal the clean!

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

PS: As most of you will have noticed, not all testers have received their test devices yet. The Phase „First Use Cases“ is starting today but the delayed delivery times will be taken into account for the accessory box incentives. Meaning: instead of the 10 most active users the authors of the top 10 test reports will each receive an accessory box. For a short manual on how to write the perfect test report take a look at our tips in the project news.


Posted 16.03.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Your Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner in the limelight – that's how you get good photos and video

Do you kneel down in front of a dirty pram with the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner in one hand, rummage around in your rucksack for your camera with the other hand and, at the same time, attempt to stop your children from climbing into the boot with dirty shoes on? And this is the point at which you think you'll get a great photo for the Kärcher To Go community!?

Don't worry – our tips will keep you right!

1. Look for assistance

Expand your own testing team by adding someone as photographer/film-maker or cleaning assistant: While one scrubs, the other can take care of the children or of taking photos.

2. Think about how you want the photo to look

What are the challenges of your special application? What works particularly well? First, think about what you want to have at the centre of your photo. One example: Since the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner is so compact, you were able to easily transport it in underneath the pram – capture this rather than the clean wheels of the pram.

3. Select the right perspective and lighting

In the next step, define the detail of the image: In our example, you take one picture of the entire pram and one of the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner in the transport netting.

4. Take several photos

This brings us to our next tip: Take several photos or a relatively long video and decide at home what you want to keep and what you don't.

We look forward to seeing your masterpieces!

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 16.03.2017 by Jessica Braun

The perfect project report lets everyone learn from your experience

You are outside in the wind and rain testing the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, and have a soft spot for technical innovations – great! To ensure that we can evaluate your experiences in the best way possible and have them influence the further development of the product, we rely on your project reports.

Answer our guiding questions for a perfect project report:

1. What was the aim of your application?

Describe in as much detail as necessary what you did and what you had hoped for from the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner. Your description is detailed enough if the application case can be reproduced by others.

2.What were the basic conditions?

Let us know where you were and what the weather was like, whether you were alone or with a group, and how any dirt and mud was acquired (heavy or light dirt, dried mud, clay?).

3.What was the result?

Explain to us which challenges you expected, which of these you actually encountered, what you were particularly happy with when using the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner – but also what you weren't happy with when using it.

4. Which photos and videos can support your statement?

Upload photos and videos as an illustration (you can find out how to take good photos and videos by reading here; click here to find out more about uploading.

5. Do you already have specific suggestions?

Could something work a bit better? Share your ideas about functions and equipment elements with us. Since we are further developing the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner together, we all benefit from constructive suggestions.

We look forward to your constructive and creative contributions.

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 16.03.2017 by Jessica Braun

Product information

Dear #KaercherToGo Community,

Before we really get going with the joint testing, I would like to share with you today a few details about the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner:

What makes our product so innovative?

The Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, battery-powered and featuring its own water tank, is self-sufficient, can be used anywhere and is no bigger than a bicycle basket. The nozzle is specially designed for the low pressure and ensures excellent cleaning performance. With the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner you will not be caught out by dirt when out and about – and nature stays where it belongs.

What do you need to know?

The Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner is particularly handy thanks to its large capacity - it can hold four litres of water. The main application cases for the mobile cleaning of outdoor devices are all therefore guaranteed. You only need to carry extra water with you in a separate canister if you are planning a particularly extensive application case. You do not need to worry about a power connection either – a fully charged battery will give you 15 minutes of run time.

What do you need to bear in mind?

To protect the pump, we recommend that you apply detergent separately, rather than adding it directly to the water tank. Of course, as fans of the great outdoors, we want to look after the environment.

The operating instructions contain further information and our moderators will be more than happy to answer any questions about product development directly in the #KaercherToGo Community.

Kind regards,

Bettina from the Kärcher To Go team

Posted 15.03.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Out of the box: On your marks, get set, go!

Welcome to the Kärcher To Go test community.

The first Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaners have been received by you, our testers, and we can now get started:

Share with us your experience as you open the packaging to get to the device inside.

Let us know who is with you when you open the packaging, what the experience of discovering the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner together is like, and what you want to try out first.

We are particularly interested in the following questions:

  • Do you like the packaging?
  • Are you able to find all the relevant information?
  • And what are your first impressions of the device?

Click here to go directly to the Unboxing Phase, in which you can share your impressions and photos with the community.

We are, of course, looking forward to seeing the comments from community members who did not receive a test package – your impressions on the test reports are also valuable to us.

Out of the box: On your marks, get set, go!

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 08.03.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

The testing team has been selected, here is how we continue

Dear Applicant,

We are extremely proud of the many applications that we received from across the world – many thanks for your interest.

Our Kärcher To Go Team has now put together a strong international testing team and, in the coming weeks with the last remnants of snow still lying and the first spring slush appearing, they will get started on their work. The first Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaners will be sent out today and will be with the product testers in the next few days.

If you have been selected to be a product tester, we will inform you of this by post so it is advisable to regularly check your mailbox.

What happens next?

Our testing team will put the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner through its paces and continuously report back to the community: Through images and reports, the testers will take us with them on walks, family trips and mountain hikes and show us which use cases they discover on these trips. If you are not a product tester, you are still very welcome to provide regular comments and to give the testers "likes".

And, in the last phases in particular, the whole community will again be asked for their opinion: We will agree on the best use cases and develop joint ideas for suitable accessories for the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner.

We look forward to your creative suggestions, inspiring pictures and valuable comments.

Posted 02.03.2017 by Amelie Hübner

The application process is complete – we will soon have our testers in place

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for all your applications and your interest in this role – we are thrilled that we received so many applications. The application phase has now ended and our Kärcher To Go team is now putting together an international testing team with diverse interests. Those selected to be testers will be notified of this by post.

If are unsuccessful in your application to be a tester, you can, of course, still play an active role – we would love to hear your ideas and comments on the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner.

As early as 8th March, you will be able to get your first impressions of the product.

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team
Posted 27.02.2017 by Tobias Hochhäusler

Welcome to the Kärcher To Go product test!

It's great that you are here – let's get started!

In the coming weeks, we will work with you to put the new Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner through its paces:

  • Which application cases are the most important?
  • Which other application cases are there?
  • And which accessories would you like?

If you apply now to be a tester and are successful, we will send you the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner for free and you will get the chance to become a part of our international testing team.

You can find all the information about the product test in our FAQs. If you have technical questions regarding the platform, you can contact us at: info_producttesting@de.kaercher.com

We look forward to some exciting weeks of testing!

Kind regards,

Your Kärcher To Go team

Posted 23.02.2017 by Amelie Hübner