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Kärcher's product test campaign for the new Mobile Outdoor Cleaner is out of the starting blocks. With your help, we will be able to refine and improve our low-pressure washer and design a new accessory kit.


Stepping up the big clean – now for something different.

The 2017 spring clean enters the next stage.

Give your creativity free rein and try something completely different for a change.

Perhaps you could use it to clean the cross that marks a mountain summit. Maybe you could use it to clean the soles of an alpaca's feet. Or you might not want to use it for cleaning at all – how about using it to water your roof terrace, for example?

Let's find out together what the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner can do.

What we would like you to do:
Tell us about your experience when trying out the device. Share your thoughts with us in the form of photos, videos and written feedback and let us know:

  • What exactly you did,
  • What the problem was that you needed to tackle and
  • How the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor Cleaner helped you keep the dirt from your outdoor adventures where it belongs: Outdoors.


    Excellent application. Kaercher To Go At a picnic) is not enough that is small and compact so also convenient. It all started with the manual, lattice, the samples were prepared. Well, in the end rinsed dishes and hands. Excellent use of the outdoors, in the forest)
    The only negative, there is no change of pressure. Conveniently, for example, to wash the dishes sprays. A BBQ, a power

    Alexandra 12 minutes ago on the 24.03.2017 06:50 0

    Cleaning the balconies and wicker furniture

    We bought a new apartment and it was necessary as soon as possible to purge a dusty balcony and wicker furniture. Cloth to clean the dust on the furniture is impossible, vacuum cleaner, too, did not deliver and then to help us come korhenysh))) washed away all the dirt and dust off the chairs and the sofa without damaging the structure and twigs did not have time to absorb the water and swell! It was something cool! It took five minutes for anything. While cleaning the furniture, the baby on the wall in pencil, and here our baby came to the rescue! Itching his potrestirovat

    Светлана 26 minutes ago on the 24.03.2017 06:36 0

    Another application First

    Since we still have snow and a small minus,
    the decision to use:
    1. on the windows - to wash away the remnants of the cement mixture to the window frame.
    - Pre-wetted and washed.
    - Right sink.
    2. Small dirt on the back of the car and the wheels of the machine.
    - Right sink.
    3. Banner mesh, benches, floor.
    - Dust and small dirt.
    - Right sink. Unfortunately the photo does not show how otmylas banner mesh.
    Other Applications - Paintball.
    - Painting by paintballs. Washed away. I think at zero temperature would be washed away everything.
    For comparison, a bottle washed, the other does not.
    - Right sink.
    - Sink worked on a charged battery: 18 min. I think the further use of operating time of the battery decrease to the stated.
    - If you take the car wash where the nature. That is not enough mesh glass in the neck of the tank to fill the water let out of the open reservoirs (rivers or lakes). It does not always have on hand clean water. And if there is no water filter of accessories.
    - For the full washing of windows or small dirt machine or banner fabric - required suction hose and filter water from the add. accessories. Since the washing, the 4 liters of water in the tank spends very quickly.
    - Paintball. We think to use for washing equipment (marker, mask)

    Илья 9 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 21:37 2

    Boris 9 hours ago
    Ilya, good evening! To clean the frame suggest using an acidic detergent for removing cement (cause 10 minutes and rub the brush), and rinse applying OC3. Most recently we had an order for cleaning after repair, the windowsill was a dirty condition. Chemistry does the trick, and OC3 perfectly washes acid.

    Olivier 12 minutes ago
    You can see the difference. Thank you


    Well, I too have my OC3 receive. For the long delivery time of the delivery service was responsible and not Kärcher.
    use Great I could not even the OC3, but me two things are noticed.
    1. It would be very convenient if the charger could be stowed in the OC3. best in a watertight compartment. So you do not lose it as quickly.
    2. The closure of the water tank is cumbersome to use, a classic screw would in my opinion, easier to use.

    Jonas 11 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 19:51 1

    ALaDecouverteDuMonde 7 hours ago
    I approve!

    Quick clean

    Found after a afternoon of rain my car was covered in sand so a quick rinse and it looks nice and shiny
    Tracy 11 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 19:16 0

    irrigated raised bed

    The irrigation system is not turned on but my plants in raised bed already need water.
    'M just the small Kärcher back and lo and behold, it was really great.
    Since the pressure is not so high, the seedlings nothing happened and I could irrigate fast times. ?
    That I will now often like this. Go fast and fun ?

    Anita 11 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 19:16 0

    Bike clean

    Got to my husband to clean his mountain bike after sitting for over a week with dirt on it he gave it a clean
    He liked the lightweight feel and the pressure was just right as the other jet wash can cause damage with paintwork.
    Tracy 11 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 19:12 0

    dove poo - no success

    I had a friend visiting last weekend who had parked his car under a tree. There was some dove poo on the windshield after. We tried cleaning it with the mobile outdoor cleaner but, unfortunately, the pressure was not strong enough to clean it. It diminished it a little bit, but it did not clean it.
    Rosane 12 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 18:58 0

    Alloy Wheel Cleaning

    Before I start I keep my car clean but even after a trip out you still end up with brake dust on the alloy wheels (which does not really show up in the video).
    I drive my car to a lot of car shows and normally you end up parking on grass, my main reason for trying to be a tester was to see how well the OC3 would deal with cleaning the wheels after arriving at the show. I know I will not be disappointed after this little test on my driveway.
    I never just clean the wheels with water, I will always use an acid free wheel cleaner and I would not expect the OC3 to clean the wheels without a little help.
    What the OC3 will achieve is to clean the loose dirt and grass from the wheel arches and rinse off the wheels. It is brilliant at this and I can see it will be a bonus for making the car wheels clean at any car show. Again I am not expecting it to clean the whole car as the car would normally be cleaned the night before but for removing loose dirt actually at the car show its going to be great.
    As I mentioned on another post I would much prefer to have a small soft brush attachment to add removing the dirt/brake dust from the wheels. The brush which has already been designed is to large for the job and I suspect to hard.
    So in summary I would like to see two more attachments a small soft & hard brush attachment which can rota from the pressure of the OC3, something the size of a one inch paintbrush.
    Steve 12 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 18:44 0

    Golf shoes are a no brainer

    Meanwhile an integral part in the trunk

    Stefan 12 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 18:08 0

    Flower Pot Clean

    Decided to make a video of cleaning one of the wheels on my car, had some water left and had a go at cleaning green moss from the flower pot on the driveway.
    Have never bother cleaning the little pot on the driveway as my normal Karcher pressure washer would just blow the plants to pieces and the dirt everywhere.
    So with less than a quarter of the tank in the OC3 gave the pot a quick blast and was pleased to see the green moss just disappear, if I was going to do a proper job I would have got a little brush to help remove the moss which was really imbedded in the plant pot.
    Even gave the shrubs a little water with what I had left in the tank.
    I know some accessories will be available but having had a look at them I think you are missing something like a little hard brush (size of a one inch paint brush) which could be attached to the spray gun and with the force of the jet be able to rotate to assist with cleaning . The brush in the accessories pack I believe is to large and looks more like a toilet brush, with the force behind the OC3 a more refine brush is required.
    Steve 13 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 17:55 0


    This tool is perfect for cleaning the blinds! No high pressure that takes off the paint with the dirt, just a correct pressure to have them cleaned. Also due to the small pressure, the water does not go through the blinds which keeps the inside( windows) untouched.
    Patrick 13 hours ago on the 23.03.2017 17:11 1

    LECORDIER 13 hours ago
    You had pictures, blinds, before then?

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