General questions

What exactly is "Kärcher To Go"?
"Kärcher To Go" is a platform on which we would like to work together with you to test and continuously develop our innovative new Mobile Outdoor Cleaner.

You can submit, develop and rate reports and ideas on Kärcher To Go.


How can I apply?
During the application phase from 08.02. to 26.02.2017, you can register at www.KaercherToGo.com and apply to be a product tester by completing the questionnaire. If you are lucky, you might be selected to be one of our testers, and we will send you – exclusively and free of charge – a trial version of the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, an innovative new low-pressure washer from Kärcher. But even if you are not selected, or if you already own this device, you can contribute to our platform and provide valuable feedback. There is no charge for using the platform or participating as a product tester.


How can I get involved with "Kärcher To Go"?
During the application phase, you can register at KaercherToGo.com/register and then apply to be a product tester. Once the test phase begins, you can enter your suggestion in the box provided, upload an image or file and submit it. Then the contribution usually becomes visible to everyone immediately. You can also view other participants' suggestions and comment on them to continuously develop ideas.


Will I receive payment for my activities?
The top product testers with the best ideas will be rewarded at the end, with both the quantity and quality of your contributions being taken into account. The best contributions are also rewarded by special small gifts during certain phases. The recipients of incentives 1 and 2 will be announced at the end of the two test phases.


Is my personal data safe?
Protecting your privacy is our main priority. Needless to say, all data you enter on the platform and during the registration process is subject to the applicable data protection provisions.
You can find further information on data protection here.


What do the hearts and stars next to the suggestions mean?
You can support your favourite suggestions by marking them with a heart or star.
What do the hearts mean? You can give a positive rating to suggestions from other participants by marking them with a heart, i.e. "liking" the suggestion.

What do the stars mean? During a voting phase, each participant receives a certain number of stars. The author of the suggestion is awarded points for each star and this improves the relevant suggestion's position in the vote ranking.


What happens to identical or similar suggestions?
Identical or similar suggestions are combined. This means that, if you post a suggestion that is very similar to an existing idea, your suggestion will be added to the existing one as a "Further development of the idea".


How can I collect points?
The basic principle of this is that anyone who is a frequent contributor and submits good ideas will receive a lot of points. You are awarded points for the following activities:

  • Submitting a suggestion: 5 points
  • Writing a comment: 1 point
  • Voting: 3 points when you take part in a vote (only once for each vote)
  • If others like your suggestion: 3 points per "like" from other participants
  • Uploading a file: 3 points

The course of the campaign 

How will the campaign progress?
Selecting the testers: Kärcher will consult with innosabi to decide which applicants are suitable for product testing. We are not looking for product testers who all share the same profile, but are interested in putting together a good mix of different people and target groups. We will notify you by e-mail if you are one of the chosen product testers.

Delivering the test device: You will receive documents relating to the product test and the test device as a parcel delivery by post at the address you provided. You will not incur any shipping costs. Over the course of the project, a decision will be made as to whether the test device then has to be returned to us on completion of the test phase. If this is the case, you will then receive a returns label for returning the device free of charge.

Product tester obligation: Product testers who receive a test device from us commit themselves to compiling at least one test report, including an image.

The following project phases begin once the testers have received their test devices:

  • Unboxing
  • Application
  • New options
  • Vote on options
  • Accessory ideas
  • Vote on accessories

You can find further information on the individual phases on the homepage.


What form can my contribution take?
You can contribute in many different ways, for example by:

  • Submitting text suggestions or images
  • Posting comments and embedding videos
  • "Liking" contributions (hearts)
  • Awarding points (stars)


How do I keep up to date with news?
The blog can be found on the right-hand side of the page. This provides you with an overview of the most recent events. You are also informed of any news by e-mail.


How do I find out the results?
If, upon registering, you gave us permission to send you information, you will receive the most important results via e-mail to the e-mail address you provided. After the product test, we would be happy to let you know how we have used your feedback and your ideas to develop our products.


My test device doesn't work/is broken, what should I do?
If you have any technical problems with the test device, please contact us at info_producttesting@de.kaercher.com and provide a description of your problem. Our service team will then take a look at the device and you will be sent a replacement if required.



Are there rules that I have to follow?
To allow a constructive discussion to take place, we request that you follow a few general community rules when communicating with other participants:

  • Be friendly
    In specific terms, this means no insults, swear words or hostilities. The opinions and views of other participants should be respected in the sense of friendly and fair cooperation.
  • Provide constructive criticism
    You are welcome to express your opinion. However, this should be positive criticism or constructive suggestions for improvement.
  • Topic-relevant suggestions
    Stick to the topic at hand. Each phase deals with an extremely specific issue. We all have to be speaking about the same thing in order to find an answer together.
  • Useful comments
    Your comments should expand or improve on the content of a suggestion. The best possible results are achieved when your thoughts and ideas develop together.
  • Respect
    We love picking up on other people's ideas and developing them. But please always ensure that you do not copy any ideas. Make new and unique suggestions which always incorporate your own creativity.
  • Photos
    Please ensure that you do not upload any photos that are copyright-protected or violate the rights of third parties.

Technical questions

How can participants from other countries read and comment on my contributions?
Contributions are automatically translated by Google Translate into German, English, French and Russian, depending on the input language. You can display the translation of your own contribution by customising the platform language (at the very top left of the page or in your profile, see screenshots). Contributions from other participants are always automatically displayed in the language you have currently selected.

We would like to give you the opportunity to exchange information with all participants, which is why we are offering this function. As the translation is generated automatically, it may be the case that the translation is not always 100% accurate – please do not be surprised. One additional small note for optimising the translation – please avoid typing errors where possible.

Can I also view the original text of a translated entry?
Yes, it is quite simple to display the original text by clicking on "Translated from..." directly below the contribution. To return to the translation, click on " Display translation" below the original text.

Can I correct a translation?
In order to correct the translation of one of your own contributions, click on "Actions" in the respective language, select the "Change" option and you can edit the text there directly. Do not forget to save the new version by clicking on "Save".

How can I deactivate e-mail notifications?
As a user of the platform, we will inform you of certain events automatically. If you do not wish to receive any e-mail notifications, you can deactivate this at any time under the point "Notifications" in your profile.

What is on my noticeboard?
Your noticeboard contains news relating to the campaign. In contrast to noticeboards in social networks, this noticeboard is not public.

How can I change my profile picture?
It is easy to change your profile picture in your profile. The link for changing your profile picture can be found directly under your current one.

How can I delete my user account?
If you no longer want to be a member, send us an e-mail to: info_producttesting@de.kaercher.com. Your data is then irrevocably deleted.